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Get Your To-Go Business Best Practices Toolkit

Receive a package of best practice materials created to help restaurants optimize for off-premise during COVID-19 and beyond including webinars, blog posts, and our new podcast.


Here's some of what's included...

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Improve Your To-Go Product

From packaging to food prep to reheating instructions, our team will provide actionable tips for any restaurant to make that takeaway experience delightful and memorable for your customers.

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Build a To-Go Menu That Works

Considerations to take into account as you are differentiating your to-go menu from your dine-in menu to make each as appetizing, functional, and successful as possible.

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Keep Your To-Go Ops Running Smoothly

Take a deep dive into operations, and how restaurants can keep to-go operations smooth during this tumultuous time: from balancing pick-ups and dine-in service reopening to customer service from behind a mask.

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Optimize for Takeout & Delivery During COVID-19

Top best practices for transitioning your dine-in establishments to effective and efficient takeout and delivery businesses covering topics from streamlining operations to getting the word out.

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Set Up & Promote Online Ordering 

From how to reach your dine-in customers to driving pick-up over delivery to avoid commissions, we walk through two of the biggest pillars of the off-premise food business.

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How to Evaluate Virtual Kitchens

We answer the most frequently asked questions about virtual kitchens and Kitchen United. Including best (and worst) practices for opening at a virtual kitchen and assessing your concept’s readiness for an off-premise-only operation.