Urbennials Are Changing Cities and Delivery

America, led by millennials and empty-nester boomers, is moving back towards walking-scale spaces, recognizable neighbors, and local hangout options. While not everyone can afford to (or wants to) live in the largest, trendiest urban hubs, there's an increased longing for the “feel” of urban living, a zeitgeist that has expanded city density out from the cores into the suburbs.

As millennials drive more US cities to adolescence, what happens to the delivery ecosystem? 

Learn how the generation moving America toward dense, urban centers is creating the opportunity for restaurant delivery to thrive with Kitchen United’s Chief Operating Officer, Meredith Sandland covering:

Featured insights:

  • How cities are building with delivery in mind
  • What urban trade areas look like today, and what they will look like tomorrow
  • Delivery consumer segments and personas